Grow Your Business…Help More Kids

  • Do you love your child care business but hate even thinking about marketing it?
  • Do you worry about low enrollments and revolving-door teacher turnover?
  • Do you dream of a vibrant, thriving, fully enrolled center with a waitlist of families who can’t wait to join you?

Then you’re in the right place.

Childcare of Choice (formerly Daycare In Demand) helps child care professionals grow their businesses and become the #1 choice of parents and staff in their area. Many of your colleagues all around the world have benefited from our resources and advice.

If you’re wondering, “Who the heck are you, lady?”, read on to find out. (You might also want to check out our list of FAQs, too.)


I was a lawyer…for about 10 minutes.

Back in 1999, I started my career as an employment lawyer at one of the world’s largest law firms. I’d spent years working towards this goal and was excited to make a difference in people’s work lives.

I quickly realized, however, that the reality of big-firm law practice was not about making a positive difference. I was regularly called upon to represent sexual harassers, as well as companies that decided to terminate very senior (and loyal) workers in the interests of cutting costs.

“Uh, we want to fire all the old people at Big Mean Co., Inc. We need you to make that okay for us.”

But it’s not okay! Everything in me was screaming to get out almost as soon as I got in.

I lasted a grand total of 11 months.

And then I became an employment writer and consultant.

My brief time as a lawyer wasn’t a total loss. Lawyers are trained to communicate clearly and effectively, and those skills came in handy over the next several years, when I worked as a writer and editor at a legal publishing company.

I became an expert in advising employers on how to proactively run efficient, legally compliant businesses that attract and retain the very best talent – rather than merely waiting for a lawsuit, as I’d done as a lawyer.

Along the way, I also became an expert on how businesses can best leverage social media to develop their unique brand and message and gain a huge following of devoted fans.

I learned first-hand how to do this as I grew our corporate blog to a readership of over 30,000 email subscribers and was named a “Top 25 Online Influencer in Employment Law” by HR Examiner.

And then I had kids…

Lorelei in 2010, and Nicholas in 2012. It wasn’t long before I became deeply immersed in all things child-related, including the world of early childhood care and education.

Our family has been greatly blessed by our experiences with the incredible early educators in our children’s lives. Every day, I’m in awe of their knowledge, passion, skills, and patience (amazing levels of patience!) when it comes to helping these special little people grow and develop.

While they are absolutely terrific with children, many of the ECE teachers and administrators I’ve known both personally and professionally don’t have much background, or interest, in the business end of things – child care marketing, effective teacher hiring and retention strategies, and so on. Maybe you can relate?

My passion is helping you grow your business and reach more kids.

It quickly became clear to me that I wanted to use my writing, marketing, and social media skills to help child care professionals – people just like you – grow healthy, thriving businesses that make a real difference in their communities, and to the kids they serve.

And that’s how Childcare of Choice was born.

For my official bio page, click here.