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Thanks for the great ideas. I am inspired, I hope I can inspire my team as well!

I really like the materials you have available. I have used some of them with good results.

I have been with you all for about two weeks and I am very impressed with your materials. I have been in this business for 15 years and never have I seen a site like this before. My teachers and I would like to say thank you as this site has been a great resource to our facility. Once again thanks for all of the information.

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Everything you write is spot on…another great post from Jen Carsen!

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I am an early childhood educator who is looking to open up my own center and your blogs and emails are a definite blessing. Thanks so much and keep the information coming!

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I am really enjoying reading the weekly blogs you are sending and searching through your site. You have an extraordinary insight into the inner workings of a daycare centre.

I love, love, love reading your articles!

I really enjoy your newsletter.

I really like all of your articles; they’re insightful and spark my creativity every time I read them.

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I know you don’t know me personally, but I look forward to your emails.  Really!  I seriously do not even read half of my mail – but yours I always open, read, print and give to my director.  THANK YOU for including me in your “To…” each week.

I enjoyed your piece on parent satisfaction surveys. We have been doing parent surveys with great results. They are a big help!

Love it! Great job!

Thank you very much for the e mails. I have now added a Frequently Asked Questions section to our website. I thought that was great advice. I also really liked your perspective regarding social media policies.

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Thank you so much for sharing your cell policy. This has been an ongoing stressful conflict at my center.

I am absolutely loving your blog. Today is the first day I’ve sat down to read them and they have provided me with invaluable help and advice. I am feeling truly inspired having read them.

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Thanks for the info you have provided; I worked in day care since 2003, but I have not owned my own business. I would like to strike out on my own and provide services for families!  I am looking forward to research and getting started. Thanks again.

I represent about 400 early childhood providers and I am very interested in passing along some of your information to the Hispanic community in our state.

You are doing an outstanding job! Your articles are full of good information that can really be applied to day to day business. Keep up the good work. I really look forward to reading your articles and the reports each week. Thank you so much!

I’m so glad I found your page online! Our center is just about to open and I have found lots of your articles and materials to be helpful.

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Thank you for always putting out a relevant and informative newsletter; I look forward to reading them every time they are in my Inbox.  My husband and I opened a center last November, and while I glean golden bits of knowledge from all your emails, this one resonated with a situation that occurred recently.  I know publishing your weekly letter can but daunting at times, but it is greatly appreciated.

I really appreciate your advice and insights to my continued growth for my small daycare business. I really like all of your ideas and suggestions.

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Love getting the emails! They always have such great info!

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Review of my book on employee retention:

“[HR How-to: Employee Retention by Jennifer Carsen] is a wonderful, easy to read book with TONS of ideas and suggestions for retention, recruitment, work/life balance, employee opinion surveys, and much more…a very informative and useful book.”
– Robin Throckmorton, M.A., SPHR and Linda Gravett, Ph.D., SPHR

Comments from folks I’ve worked with:

“I contacted Jen to help my center gain more internet exposure, as well as coach me on how to market my business in the community. We spent a month working together while Jen taught me how to compose daily Facebook posts, plug into community event boards, and so much more. I can’t thank her enough for greatly boosting my center’s exposure, as well as her solid marketing guidance.”
– R. Lee, owner, Providence Children’s Learning Center (Allentown, PA)

“I contacted Jennifer as I was getting ready to open my new center. I can’t thank her enough for the help she provided on various matters, even very early in our communication, and she did an excellent job on our curriculum statement. She is very responsive and pleasant to work with, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.”
– Millie M., center owner in New Jersey

“Jen is such a talented writer and editor that once we started working with her, we kept trying to find more ways to leverage her skills. When we started working together she wrote articles about legal topics for a nonlegal audience. She is great at writing in an easy, plain-English way about complex subjects. Now she writes a lot of compelling marketing copy for our content publishing business. She just turned in a new assignment today, and she continues to impress me with every new project. Finally, one of the great things about working with Jen is that she seems genetically incapable of missing a deadline. She is incredibly organized and a great project manager. I recommend her highly.”
 – Matthew T. Humphrey (Alameda, CA)

“Jen has helped me write three newsletters that have attracted two new prospects in six weeks. [She] was able to take the notes and outlines I sent to her, and quickly turn them into interesting stories that were widely read and got the attention of a number of current and potential clients. In addition to being competent and timely, Jen is also a very nice person to work with. I plan to have Jen continue to help me with a variety of marketing publications, including a book I’m in the process of writing.”
– Don Maher, President, Red Chasm (Burlingame, CA)

“I would recommend Jennifer Carsen to anyone who is creating a blog for the first time or someone who is looking to update a current site. Jen is precise, well-read, and fun to work with. She was available through email before our face-to-face meeting to help me with the nitty-gritty steps like who to register my domain with, and what type of website address would be best. She was prompt and friendly with her responses to my questions. Jen has sent me several emails to check up on me and my progress. The best service Jen offers is her ease of communication with her clients. She is easy to get along with, and she is extremely encouraging! Going into building a blog for my business, I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to get it right. Jen was quick to put my fears to rest and gave me the boost I needed to move forward. I love that she told me that I am awesome and therefore my blog would be awesome!”
– Amy T. (Canaan, NH)

“Thank you again for your help and feedback. If you need a recommendation for anyone considering your services I would be happy to provide that. I am really impressed with your quick turnaround and editing.”
 – Rochelle F. (Kansas City, MO)

“Jennifer gave great advice and was extremely open to answering all of my questions.”
 – Alex K. (Washington, DC)

“Jennifer was quick and reliable…easy to work with and flexible for those of us with hectic schedules. In short, I would not only recommend her, but I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again in the future.”
– Nathan F. (Phoenix, AZ)